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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mama to mama...

Today is Mother's Day here in the States. I don't know if Taiwan recognizes this holiday. I wonder how you are feeling today. Grace's adoption court hearing wasn't so long ago. Whenever I remembered that it was Mother's Day or family/friends wished me a happy Mother's Day I thought not of myself but of you. You will always be Gracie's birth mama. Being a mama hasn't sunk in for me; it's not a reality yet. I love Grace deeply already. I can't wait until I get to see her and hold her and hug her and do all the things that mothers do. Until then, it's kind of all unreal, seems like a dream. Thank you for unselfishly giving Gracie to me, to us, to love.

I saw your picture tonight for the first time. I hope you know how beautiful you are. You look happy in all the pictures, hope you are truly feeling some peace about the adoption. Grace is going to cherish those images of you. I know I do. It may be silly, but it makes me happy to have a face to picture when I am thinking about and praying for you. I wish I could fly over there right now and hug you and chat. I wish that we could be friends. As it is we have a common bond in that we both love and care for this precious little baby who has changed both of our worlds.

We got a little e-letter from Ted and Bev with the pictures saying:

Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Mother's Day! I have been eating a little better and I love to laugh and play. I really like playing with my feet now too. I think I put most of my energy into my hair and not into growing:)
Love, Grace.

Grace looks so happy and content in the pictures, don't you think? I don't worry about her because I know that Ted and Bev and the gang are watching over her. Seth and I wait on high alert for the phone call saying we can come to Taiwan. Might be any day now. I think it would be fun if Seth and I were in Taiwan for our anniversary (May 31st). I wonder if Taiwan is ready for the joy that is poised to explode around them (that would be me-Ha!); I have been holding it all in for the past six months and am ready to let it loose!

I was very emotional when I started this letter to you, birth mama. I have so much I wish I could tell you. I care about you, hope you know that somewhere in your heart. But now, after a few tears, I am being filled with peace. God is watching out for you and me, Seth and Gracie too. That knowledge puts my heart at ease. I have expressed some of what I was needing and wanting to say. I am thinking and praying for you...

Happy Mother's Day,
Gracie's other mommy


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